Mount kenya Climbing

Mount Kenya has three main peaks and the two larger peaks of Batian (5199m) and Nelion (5188m) are both technical climbs, however the third peak, Point Lenana (4,985m) is a trekking peak and although it is definitely a challenge and if you're new to trekking, camping and altitude then you may well struggle

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Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

There are seven established routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – Marangu, Machame, Lemosho, Shira, Rongai, Northern Circuit and Umbwe. The Marangu, Machame, and Umbwe routes all approach from the south of the mountain (Mweka is used only for descent).


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Tanzania is abundant wildlife. Tanzania is magnificent landscapes. Tanzania is a colourful mix of people and cultures. In fact, just about everything in Tanzania is a big, bold, awe-inspiring adventure. Much of the country’s game reserves are actively protected by wildlife conservationists and this means some of Africa’s premier game viewing.

One of Tanzania’s crown jewels is the Ngorongoro Crater. The blue/green expanse of this World Heritage Site and Kenya Tanzania Safaris Natural Wonder of Africa will leave you in awe. Intense numbers of wildlife and especially lions, in Africa.
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As always with Kenya Tanzania Safaris, our many affordable tour choices promise an exciting destination for every interest or taste. Tanzania will dazzle you with its countless flamingos at Lake Manyara, vast groves of stately baobab trees in Tarangire Park, the Serengeti’s endless migration of wildebeests and the towering snow-capped summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Sirimon route Mount kenya Climbing

Mount Kenya Climbing Routes and prices - Mount Kenya Trekking and Climbing Information Adventure africa climbing safaris with Mount Kenya Climbing

Mt Kenya Lake Naivasha Masai mara

7 Days Kenya Mount Kenya Lake Naivasha Masai Mara Safari is a week adventure where guests enjoy dramatic landscapes, marvelous

Masai Mara Migration safaris

Enjoy one of the world's most spectacular natural occurrences in Masai Mara Kenya during the Great Wilderbeest Migration period.

mount kilimanjaro climbing

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes are Rongai, Marangu, Machame, Umbwe, and Lemosho. Except for Marangu route where accommodation is in the parks

Mt kenya Climbing Chogoria Route

Climb Mount Kenya Chogoria Route. Chogoria route is the most recommended and undeniably the most magnificent ascent route to the Mount Kenya summit.

Loita Hills Cultural Trek

Loita hills boarders the Great Rift Valley and its inhabitants are the Maasai the ... As we walk along with the warriors, they share their rich history and cultural