4 days mount kenya climbing chogoria route Climbing Mount Kenya Chogoria Route 5 Days/ 4 Nights
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Climbing Mount Kenya

4 days mount kenya climbing chogoria route

Climbing Mount Kenya Chogoria Route 5 Days/ 4 Nights; Here we climb the second highest mountain in Africa by its most scenic route.

Mt Kenya, Chogoria Route is the most beautiful of the access routes to Point Lenana and the best for acclimatization as the gradient is the easiest.

You are more likely to be the only climbers on this side of the mountain ensuring a unique wilderness experience. Our guides are specialists on Mount Kenya, thoroughly knowledgeable in the flora, fauna and speak fluent English including other foreign languages.

Mt Kenya is the ultimate hiking and climbing destination in Kenya. It is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa at 5199m above sea level.

Out of the three popular routes for climbing Mt Kenya, the Chogoria Route is without question the most scenic and rewarding for hikers interested in sightseeing as well as summiting.

The Chogoria route is on the east side of the mountain while Naro Moru and Sirimon routes are on the west and north sides of the mountain respectively.

This itinerary is for the ascent of Point Lenana, the third peak of Mt Kenya, at an altitude of 4985 meters. This is not a technical climb, but a hike.

Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness should be more than capable of completing the trek provided they approach it in a sensible manner. The ascent is via the Chogoria Route, on the little used east side of the mountain.

Climbing Mount Kenya Chogoria Route 5 Days/ 4 Nights Itinerary

Day 1: Nairobi to Chogoria Park Gate (2950 meters)

0800 Hours: Pick up from hotel after breakfast and drive to Chogoria Park Gate. The drive takes about 4 hours from Nairobi to Chogoria town where we meet our porters and guides.

From here we drive to the Mt. Kenya forest to Chogoria Park Gate located 22 kilometers. This journey is 29 kilometers long and goes over a motor-able dirt road that passes through fertile farmlands before getting into a tropical forest, followed by a bamboo zone.

We spend the first night at the Kenya Wildlife Service campsite at the Park Gate, or at Meru Mt. Kenya Lodge 7 kilometers from the Park Gate.

Day 2: Chogoria Park Gate to Camp (3,600 meters)

After breakfast and sorting of porter loads we set off up the mountain at a nice and easy pace. Camping next to the Nithi River at this place helps with acclimatization. Since it only takes 2 Hours to get here, that leaves you with plenty of time to explore the surroundings.

One of the attractions here is the Nithi waterfalls, approximately 100 feet high, accessible by crossing the river and following the trail to the left for about 300 Meters.

Other attractions are Lake Ellis at 3500 meters and about 3 kilometers to the right of the road head, and Mugi Hill next to the Lake. If you climb to the top of Mugi Hill, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the neighboring flat-topped Giant’s Billiard table.

Lunch by the stream banks then it’s time to cut up the left hand hillside to our camp at about 3,600m, well away from any of the more “touristy” areas.

Day 3: Campsite to Minto’s hut (4297 Meters)

The third day is spent hiking for about 4 to 6 Hours to Mintos Hut. Along the way, you get magnificent views of Lake Ellis to the right, the Gorges Valley to the left, and the 1500 feet (457meters) Vivienne waterfalls.

Vivienne waterfalls appear at position 117 on the list of the World’s tallest Waterfalls. Even more striking is the view of Lake Michaelson at the top of this waterfall, and the view of the peaks on a clear day.

Once you get to Minto’s hut, you have the option of using the hut or camping on the shores of the adjacent Hall Tarns. A short 5 minute walk to the side of these Tarns is a sheer cliff drop called the Temple, with a stunning view of Lake Michaelson directly below.

Day 4: Mintos Hut to Summit to Meru Mount Kenya Lodge (Bandas)

After pre dawn breakfast leave Mintos Hut for the summit passing near the Simba Tarn and Harris Tan to Point Lenana which is approximately 4 to 5 hours.

The forth day is when most people summit. The day starts at 0330 Hours with the aim of getting to Pt Lenana at Sunrise. The terrain is a bit wet in the first 2 kilometers, followed by a series of steep gravelly climbs.

The first slope levels off at Simba Tarn, to be followed by another steep incline that meets the trail from Shiptons near Square Tarn. The trail then weaves its way above this Tarn till Point Lenana, taking 3 Hours or more from Mintos Hut.

After the sunrise at 0630 Hours and nice views of Kilimanjaro and the Coastline, we descend back to Mintos for full breakfast and thereafter descend to Meru Mount Kenya Lodge (Bandas) having our lunch at the Road head. Dinner and overnight at the Bandas.

Day 5: Meru Mount Kenya Lodge (Bandas) to Nairobi

After breakfast you’ll retrace your steps for 15 kilometers downhill through the dense rain and bamboo forests to connect the 4WD jeep to Chogoria Town. Then after lunch at chogoria drive back to Nairobi for your next destination.